Pancha Karma

 Panchakarma is soul branch of ayurveda and the role of panchakarma in maintaining health is remarkable. Panchakarma is a most dedicated, innovative and ambitious  Post graduate department in Taranath Govt Ayurvedic Medical College,Ballari. Department started its Post-graduation  studies in the year 2018 with an intake of 7 scholars every year. With blessings of Pandith Taranath  and under the lineage of  great physician late Dr.M.Eshwar Reddy ,who was most skilled panchakarma practitioner,  the department is giving good relief to patients with high success rate.

Panchakarma OPD TGAMC&H  treats nealy 120-150 patients every day and  in IPD 80-100 patients are regularly treated. Average 180-200 procedures are carried out per day and on an average more then 50000 procedures are carried out in a calendar year. We are regularly performing the major procedures like Vamanakarma in various diseases and 200- 250 cases in a year,and also other  Panchakarma procedures are carried out for Swastha and Athura according to their requirement for giving patients a better relief.

The Personalities of highest order of academic excellence are Dr.Doddabasayya Kendadmath , professor and HOD , Dr.Rajesh Sugur , associate professor , Dr.Trishaila , professor , Dr.Shilpashree , assistant professor.

Doctors available
Monday Dr Doddabasayya Kendadmath
Tuesday Dr Padmaja
Wednesday Dr Rajesh Sugur
Thursday Dr Doddabasayya Kendadmath
Friday Dr Shivananda B Karigar
Saturday Dr Rajesh Sugur
Sunday Rotation


          “Panchakarma for uplifting the health from pedeatric to geriatric”.


Vasantika vamana

Basti in varsha rutu

Rutu shodhana

Expertisisng the scholars in skilled procedures like vaman , uttara basti

Tadvidya sambhasha by  experts in the subjects are conducted regularly.




Dept of Panchakarma imparts its par excellence for the UG and PG students.Theoritical discussions, practical demonstrations by SOP with their logical applications are regularly discussed over each and every case.


Our museum consists of models , charts of Panchakarma procedures and various dry drugs related to panchakarma.

Yearly collection of madanaphala and its classical processing(madanaphala samskara ) is done


Various CMEs were conducted on exclusive topics like Agni and Koshtra assessment , Vatavyadhi and importance of panchakarma there in , practice of snehapana etc.,



Departmental , Interdepartmental  CMEs and workshops were conducted.

Scholars presented various papers nationally and internationally.




Low Back Ache , Intervertebral Disc Prolapse , Sciatica ,  Rheumatoisd Arthritis , Osteo Arthritis , Gout Arthriris ,  Frozen Shoulder , Tendinitis , Meniscal Injury , Fibromyositis , Pericapsulitis , Hemiplegia , Quadriplegia , Hemiparesis , Quadriparesis , Epilepsy , Psychosis , Hypertension, Jaundice , Ascitis , Bronchial Asthma , Acne Vulgaris , Vitiligo , Psoriasis , Lichen Planus , Urticaria , Obesity , Metabolic Disorders Like Thyroidism  , PCOD , Diabetes Etc.,



Vamana , Virechana , Basti ( Niruha And Anuvasana ) , Nasya , Raktamokshana , agnikrma, ksharakarma Agnilepa , Abhyanga , Udwartana ,all types Sweda , Lepa ,Shiro Dhara , Shiro Basti , Shiro Pichu ,Lekhana

Janu Basti , Katibasti , Greeva Basti , Nabi Basti

College Address

Taranath Govt.Ayurvedic
Medical College
Dr.Rajkumar Road



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