Punarnava Student Association


Punarnava Students Association was inaugurated on 02 Jan-2020 with the chief guest of the function Konareddy (Assistant Commissioner bellai) and Dr. Seyeda Ather Fathima as the president of the function and also the principal of the college.
In Taranath Government Ayurvedic Medical College, Punarnava Student Association is the community center of the college serving students, staff, faculty, workers, Alumni, chief guest and management.

Aims of Punarnava Students Association:-

  1. To train the students about duties, responsibilities and rights of citizenship.
  2. To promote opportunities for the development of character, leadership, efficiency, knowledge and spirit of service among students.
  3. To organize debates, seminars, workshops, tours and other such functions.
  4. To encourage sports, arts and other cultural, educational, social and re-creational activities that is conclusive of above activities.
  5. To bring notice to the authorities the problems faced by the students and steps are initiated.
  6. To bring notice to the authorities the problems faced by the students and steps are initiated taking their suggestions into account to redress their problems.
  7. To main aim of Punarnava Students association of the DEVLOPMENT OF PERSONS AS WELL AS INTELLECTS”
  8. Today A.S.A. is the gathering place of college.

The union body of Punarnava Students Association is as follows.

President – Mohan Krishna G
Vice President – Deviprasad M B
General Secretary- Sunil Reddy
Sports Secretary- Tejas Reddy
Cultural- Vennela

C.R, (IVth year)- Shashidhar, Geeta patil
C.R. (IIIrd year)- Vikramsingh, Chitra 
C.R. (IInd year) – Vidhyashree, Lakshman
C.R. (Ist year) – Vinay, Priyanka


Chief Advisor - Dr. Sham Kishore Singh
Sports Advisor - Dr. Ravi Chauhan
Cultural Advisor - Dr. Chetan Kumar
Financial Advisor - Dr. Fareeda Begum


  1. Inaugural function of Punarnmava Students Association.
  2. Shisapaneeyam [A warm welcome to the juniors of Ist phase with a taken of love]
  3. Social educational and recreational programmes 26th January [Flag hosting in the college]
  4. 157th Birthday ceremony of Swami Vivekananda was celebrated.
  5. Guest speech on “vrutti tat preeta” by sri. Ramanna
  6. International women’s day was been celebrated
  7. Protest against rape at royal circus
  8. Guest speech on role of youth in nation building
  9. Honoring ceremony to Dr. Sampath Kumar Bellamma [N.S.S. officer]


  • Ground cleaning and Ground preparation
  • Union sports
    • Cricket
    • Volleyball
    • Throw ball
    • Kabaddi
    • Lagori
    • Carrom
    • Chess
    • Relay
    • Shuttle
    • Running-100 and 200 Mtrs
  • Volley Ball polls plantation
  • Inter college sports 
  • Ist prize distribution ceremony [of Union Sports]
  • IInd prize distribution ceremony [of Inter college Sports]

Summer shades competition: slow bike race, Valley ball, Quiz,Galli Cricket, Tug of War, Sprilling

  • Interaction with teachers
  • Taranath Idol Plantation
  • Inter Ayurveda college sports
  • Teacher’s day
  • Taranath Jayanthi
  • Guest speech on personality development
  • Guest speech on Documental Necessities of opening a clinics
  • Guest speech on subjects of respective phases
  • Workshop on shalakya tantra or other subject
  • Ganesh chaturthi
  • Inter college Talent Hunt
  • Valedictory ceremony




College Address

Taranath Govt.Ayurvedic
Medical College
Dr.Rajkumar Road



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