Shalya Tantra

          Shalya Tantra department is a oldest department in the Taranath Govt. Ayurveda medical college. Post-graduate studies started & eshtablished in Shalya Tantra department in the year 2018. Faster, better relief to the patients through Ayurvedic surgical & Parasurgical procedures. It Provides experience and confidence in students.

          The department made unique contributions in the field of Anorectal diseases, Wound management, Pain management & in Urinary disorders.
          The personalities of Highest order of academic excellence like Dr.Syed Ather Fathima, Prof & HOD, Dr. Shivalingappa J Arakeri, Dr. Mohasin Kadegaon and Dr. Geethanjali H are serving the department.
Doctors available
Monday Dr Shivalingappa J Arakeri
Tuesday Dr Geetanjali Hiremath
Wednesday Dr Mohasin Kadegaon
Thursday Dr Shivalingappa J Arakeri

Dr Mohasin Kadegaon

Saturday Dr Sham Kishore Singh
Sunday Rotation
1) Shalyatantra OPD is functioning in OPD No.2, along with this deressing room is also open from 9AM-4PM.
2) Major operation theater is well equipped with ksharasutra therapy, Surgical diathermy, Infrared coagulator etc which are commonly used in Ano-rectal diseases
3) In Minor OT regular conduction of Parasurgial procedures like Agnikarma, Raktamokshana (Siravyadha, jaloukavacharana, Prachanna), Ksharakarma and Wound management also carried out.
4) Shalya Tantra department, Museum, Staff rooms are located in 1st Floor of PG block.
Academic Excellence:
Courses: Theory and clinical classes are taken for UG students and PG Scholars 
Museum: A collection of instruments, models, charts, photos are exhibited. A department library contains 183 different surgical books and also old thesis.
CME: Annual CME is conducting for post graduate & UG students
Seminar: National & International seminars are conducted in this department 
OPD Services: from 9AM - 4PM
Treatments available for following diseases : Varicose vein, TAO, Abscess. Non-healing ulcers, Injuries, Cervical & Lumbar disc prolapse, Skin diseases, Diabetic foot.
Special treatment available for Hemorrhoids, Chronic fissure-in-Ano, Fistula-in-Ano, Pilonoidal sinus, Hidradenitis suppurativa, Cysts, Abscess, Paranychia, Corn, Warts, Plantar Fasciaitis, Calcameal spur, Ear lobe repair, Emergency management of Injuries and Wound debridement. 
IPD services: 15 beds are allotted for Shalya Tantra IP patients. A unique treatment is provided to the inpatients of Shalya Tantra department for the above said diseases.

College Address

Taranath Govt.Ayurvedic
Medical College
Dr.Rajkumar Road



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